Monday, February 28, 2011


From Auro beach we headed out to Auroville.

The cafe area had some pretty tall trees.

We walked towards the central meditation area and on the way encountered this spectacular common jezebel. And thanks to Isaac Kehimkar's excellent book i knew that this was a common jezebal and not the mimic, the painted sawtooth or the painted jezebel as the reddish-pink spots pointed outwards.

The path was really nice.. it reminded me of the walk through Guindy National Park

As we neared the meditation area, the grounds became more 'landscaped'. There were plumerias bereft of leaves and flowers.

And yet others in full bloom.

This was the central meditation dome.

The images from the walk back are somehow reminiscent of the lord of rings.

The old banyan is the real center of auroville.

Wild flowers along the way

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