Monday, February 21, 2011

Ulsoor lake

Two weeks back i visited the park near Ulsoor Lake - Vivekananda park. It offers a nice paved walk area, many trees, children's play area and stunning images of the lake. I loved it! There were several birds as well, many of whom i could not catch on frame nor identify.

As always, it was the trees that appealed to me the most

Could not stop clicking

King palms lined one of the paths

A statue of Swami Vivekananda in the middle

It is nice to see trees grow to their full breadth without having to lose branches to make way for buildings

The water had quite a bit of garbage in some parts. It did not seem to keep the birds away though.

A colorful kingfisher!

The crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii) was in full bloom, along with ixoras and many other flowers.

This morning I was there again, without my camera this time. A few friends and I ran along the path on the other side of the lake. A loop of the semicircle is about 2.5km in all, I must have jogged 7km and then walked another 2km. A morning well spent!


College Gardener said...

Very pretty park...Too bad that there is so much garbage in the water. I am also becoming a big fan of Euphorbia milii. I bought for my window sill in the early fall and it has been flowering continuously ever since.

Anonymous said...

Nice place to jog/walk! I've been taking a lot of tree pictures too. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love the reflection of the trees on the water and the birds, especially the kingfisher. Too bad about the garbage's the same here too, in fact, worse!

Ever Green Tree said...

Awesome pictures Arti... I am sure you must have had a field day visiting it n clicking these Pictures. Nice place

Anonymous said...

That looks like a beautiful place and the trees look awesome. Great catch of the Kingfisher!

p3chandan said...

Such a clear beautiful reflections on the lake. I love the branches of trees just like you, they look so fascinating against the clear blue sky!

Forest Keeper said...

Awesome trees! These are some really nice photos.
Thank you

Suzi Smith said...

mmm... thanks for sharing your morning jog!! Doesn't time fly when you have camera i hand!