Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The pigeon saga - day 2

The next morning, the mother moved away for a bit (in search of food?) and we got a good view of the little ones she had been sitting on! It had probably not been many days since the eggs had hatched as they were still pretty bereft of feathers and all huddled up together.

All our previous thoughts of chasing the pigeons away from the balcony extension and cleaning it up vanished on seeing the little ones! We decided we would push out all such endeavours until after they were grown up and had flown away of their own accord.

Pigeon trivia: Did you know that pigeons mate for life?!

Here is a closer view. Can you see the beaks?

I moved to the bedroom to get a different angle from the window and in the meanwhile, one of the chicks had made a u-turn.


Nature Rambles said... exciting! It'll be fun to see the young ones grow!

lotusleaf said...

They look so cute! I liked your post on the Chitra Santhe, which I missed this time.