Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking around in Pondicherry

This was on saturday, Feb 12th. We headed out to tour the area on foot..

The promenade by the beach was rather sparcely populated, thanks due to the piercing heat.

Interesting trees, the beach and interesting buildings ... the perfect combination

Flowers near the aurobindo ashram

Sunday, Feb 13th was the day of the run - the Auroville 10K! I loved the route through Auroville.

Later that evening we headed out again to see the sights.

The clock tower whose time was way off.

The beautiful temples

Colonial buildings by the beach

The two most ubiquitous of plant life in tamilnadu - the bougainvilla..

... and the coconut tree (at le cafe by the beach)

More buildings


p3chandan said...

Such an interesting walking tour with you Arati, with beautiful buildings, the beach sights with the coconut trees and gorgeous bougainvillas!

Arati said...

thank you p3. come, visit! :)

Nature Rambles said...

Lovely images of Pondicherry! I was there a few years ago but with a severe cold and feeling feverish as well, I couldn't even take a decent picture!! But lunch at one of the restaurants on the promenade was superb!