Friday, February 18, 2011

The pigeon saga - Day 43

Its been 43 days since i first noticed the nest - the pigeons have grown up and are attempting to fly short distances now, thbough they still spend quite a bit of time on the same ledge where they hatched. They've made the place quite dirty, i must say, so we are waiting for them to find their bearings and fly away, so we can clean up. An interesting experience, seeing them grow; though i wish they were a little cleaner :)

Quite a few of you readers have written to me - thank you for following the series. Next on the agenda are my shots of ulsoor lake and the adjoining park in bangalore, followed by Auroville and Pondicherry where I recently spent a weekend.


Lalitha said...

That was a very interesting series of snaps of the pigeons - I felt like I was watching them along with you. Thanks.

radha said...

As you mention, it is so nice to see a tree with the branches all spread out without being chopped away for electric poles and buildings. I love trees too.

radha said...

oops sorry, the comment was for the next post.