Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Green @ the IPL Finals

In the heat of Chennai I wondered how the Chepauk stadium maintained its green layer....

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've taken quite the fancy to succulents lately. They are easy to maintain and can do without daily watering. I'm still not sure if they do require daily watering - if you have an opinion do let me know.

I started out with the Aloe vera and am happy to note that the leaves are growing well (summer is the growing season i am told) and i can see two tiny leaves crop by next to the main plant.

This one i got from a neighbour who was  moving - I'm not sure what the name is .

And of course, the latest add from Lalbagh.


Strolling through Lalbagh

Every walk through Lalbagh leads to new discoveries. It is a veritable treasure house of nature -- there is so much to learn. This morning I noticed many many bee hives, and the interesting thing was that all of them were on the bombax trees. Amidst the silky cotton drifting around were these white-brown hives, full I'm sure, of stingy bees. Take a look at the branches closely and see if you can spot them.

Next on was this image right out of a fairy tale... a huge canonball tree, full of flowers. Ethereal!

Leaves turned red ..

And a private residence that reminded me of the ones at the Theosophical Society.

Rows of water lilies at the nursery.. such a pleasant sight in this hot weather..

 And finally, the addition to the succulents at home -