Friday, January 14, 2011

The Book of Indian Butterflies

A beautiful white butterfly with black markings at the edges of its upperside wings flitted past me one morning this week, and over breakfast i was able to identify it as the common albatross, thanks due to Isaac Kehimkar's spectacular book - Butterflies of India, which came my way this new year.

Replete with pictures of some 700 odd butterflies found in the region, this book is indeed a fascinating add to any nature lovers collection. It is wonderful to be able to look through the pictures and descriptions and tell the difference between the crimson rose and the common rose, the common castor and the angled caster, the quirky pansies and many more. Isaac also shares thoughts on how to start and maintain a butterfly garden and gives information on the lifecycle and behaviours exhibited by butterflies.

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Nature Rambles said...

Thanks for this post. I'll have to get this one soon!!