Saturday, May 8, 2010

Obscure morning glory

My obsession with the little creatures, flowers and plants on the ground, barely visible to us, continues... and with such wonderful results! I stumbled upon this tiny white-yellow beauty, with a really deep purple throat. Beautiful isnt it?! Let the picture not fool you, it is really tiny, just a little bigger than your finger nail perhaps!
I knew immediately that it was one of the morning glory family (convolvulaceae), and indeed it is. Flowers of India, that wonderful site that has come to my aid many a time when trying to identify a flower or a tree, identifies this as the Obscure morning glory, or the Ipomoea obscura. (remember the railway vine/beach morning glory, also an Ipomoea ?) I do need to go back and take a closer look at its leaves though, they are supposed to be heart shaped... I see one or maybe two of that shape in the picture above and think the others are those of another 'weed', interwined... or perhaps they are young leaves that are yet to take shape? a closer look should reveal all...

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Sunita said...

This is really pretty! I can imagine how it must look covering a large area!