Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bleeding glory bower (clerodendrum thomsoniae).

Last weekend i came across this fantastic flower - white and scarlet with long 'tongues' that made me immediately wonder if it was related to the glory bower (Clerodendrum inerme). But whereas the glory bower is white with red tongues, this one had white tongues, from a red base. Enough of my feeble attempts at describing this little beauty, here are the pictures -

Flowers of India came to my rescue as always, and identified this flower as the Bleeding glory bower (Clerodendrum thomsoniae). Originally from west africa, this one is a climber and will hold itself up by holding on to any support it can reach. Perfect for a fence or a trellis i would think!


radha said...

The smaller flowers almost look like the coral vine. And the colours are like that of the rangoon creeper. Would indeed be perfect for a trellis.

Glennis said...

So lovely, I don't know this flower at all, but I like it.

Shruti said...

Beautiful flowers and an amazing site. Thanks for providing the info about Indian flowers.