Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whats blooming

  • orange reds of the  african tulip tree
  • reds of the bottle brush tree
  • roses!
  • yellows of the carribbean trumpet tree
  • pinks of the trumpet tree
  • funny mustard flowers on the funny poky trees *more on this later
  • unknown red tree
  • lavender of the jacardanas
  • yellows of the copperpod
  • pink in many shades on the cassias
  • whites of the false ashoka
  • reds of the gulmohar


Ever Green Tree said...

Reds of the Gulmohar... in May sound good.

radha said...

It's when flowers bloom that we actually notice the tree! Someone up there has a lovely time with his palette of colours.

Arati said...

so true radha! but i've been making an attempt to notice the leaves and pods of the trees when i see their flowers so i can identify them even when they arent blooming!

Arati said...

@evergreen tree - i simply had to upload a picture after your commetn! :)