Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinderella weed

Last weekend as i strolled through the neighbourhood park, i found myself inclined towards looking at all the little things ... the insects crawling on the ground and the many "weeds" that competed with each other for space. There is so much beauty and diversity among these often unnoticed elements of any open space. Take for example the cinderella weed .... perfect little sunflower like flowers (no wonder here, it does belong to the Asteraceae - the sunflower family), each no bigger than the nail on your little finger! I wonder why this one, uncermoniously called the 'pig grass' is not used for lawns? It forms a great carpet and no one would ever want to walk over its pretty little flowers, would they? Does it spread a lot faster than common grass ? Does it eat up a lot more nutrients? 

A closer look...

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