Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adyar Poonga - of birds n trees, weeds n deeds, dragons n damsels

From the north end of the park..

The funny looking sea grape (coccoloba uvifera)

Many many castor plants by the water's edge (yes, the one used to make castor oil).

More work in progress

Dragonflies! A beautiful scarlet ruddy marsh skimmer (male)

And another one (is this the same skimmer? or is it a female?)

More delights as we turned another corner and got on the west end

My most loved wildflower - coat buttons (tridax procumbens)

A pair of pond herons

A bunch of mystery cocoons

Sand binders - the beach morning glory/ railroad vine (ipomoea)

And we ambled on..

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Ramjee Nagarajan said...

can you please let me know exactly where you spotted the mystery cocoon?

you could in box top me at ramjee (dot)n (at) gmail.com