Friday, October 30, 2009

"Big pink ears" identified as the Caladium

I was very happy today to discover the name of yet another of our pink beauties - the caladium. If you have one, do let me know how you care for it - do you find it to grow best under the full rays of the sun or under moderate light? Ours haven't quite made up their minds it seems - some turn a beautiful pink and flourish under the sun, others don't seem to do so well.


John Immanual said...


I live in Chennai and i love caladiums. I have 4 varieties of some common calaciums, but have never seen something like what you have. It would be great if you could guide me from where you bought it or if I could give me a baby calacium plant from your garden. I would be glad to come and pick it up. What so ever, The one that you have looks great !!!

Arati said...

hi, thank you for your comment! unfortunately we no longer have this plant. it had just sprung up from the ground - perhaps the bulbs were already there , so that's how we got it.