Thursday, October 1, 2009

Urban forests

Rains over the weekend, and 30 trees are reported to have fallen. What makes a tree so weak that it cannot withstand these yearly rains? Read more in this article in the Times of India. Improper selection of species, neglect, incorrect felling of branches resulting in instability are among the many reasons that result in weak urban trees that fall with a heavy rain or gust of wind.

Nizhal has taken this opportunity to reititerate the need for the city to have a tree policy - where species are carefully selected, cared for and maintained. Neem and tamarind have been cited as being good choices for urban areas as they have deep roots. Here are some others listed in the paper as being well suited to chennai:

Crataeva adansonii DC. - mavalingam
Calophyllum inophyllum L. - punnai
Hibiscus tiliaceus L.  - nirparathi
Pamburus missionis - kattu narinji
Chloroxylon swietenia DC  - purasa
Ochna obtusata DC - serundhi
Walsura trifolia - kanjimaram
Cassine glacuca - karuvalli
Lepisanthes tetraphylla - neikkottan

More on these trees in the days to come!

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