Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Temple Trees - Lepakshi

The town of Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh is renowned for its beautiful temples - the main Lepakshi temple is a treasure trove of 16th century Vijaynagar empire art and architecture. The sculpture on the pillars and walls and the paintings on the ceiling were breathtaking.

So of course were the trees.

This bright red shoe flower was at the Rangansthala temple, on the way back from Lepakshi.

 At the Lepakshi temple I also encountered what I believe is the best example of camouflage that I have ever seen - a toad blending perfectly into the stone steps of the temple.


Rohrerbot said...

Beautiful place....love the camouflage of the frog on the stairs. Clever!

Nic said...

Beautiful pictures... I am taking a class right now that deals in part with Vijayanagara architecture and am just floored by the beauty and intricacy of the sculpture.

radha said...

Lovely pictures of the sculpture, the brilliant red flowers set against rock and the frog merging with its background.

A. said...

thank you all. College gardener - so am i, would love to hear more from you about the specifics of what you are reading/seeing.