Friday, March 2, 2012

Chennai garden update

It is nice to be able to go back every now and then and see how the garden is shaping up in our absence. There is a lot of pruning and weeding to be done each time, all with the knowledge that it will be back to the way it is very soon. Nevertheless it seems like something that needs to be done, or perhaps we do it only because it is so therapeutic. To wander around, see what has grown where, what has bloomed, what has perhaps not survived.. it is all so wonderful.

Going close to the heliconias gives the impression of having entered a south american forest.. it has become so dense. There are blooms all over, the red twisted flower bracts hanging here and there.

There are other images, each as wondrous as the next.

tradescantia spathacea - variegated rhoeo


ming aralia

ming aralia


College Gardener said...

Things look really nice and lush

Bernie H said...

Love your Ming Aralia and the variegated Rhoeo. The Caladium and Coleus are fabulous too. We commonly call Heliconia blooms Lobster Claws, and obviously the ants are loving the claws at the moment. Things are looking terrific.

Arati said...

thank you both.
yes those are lobster claws. and thank you for the id on the ming aralia.

radha said...

what a lovely garden!

Asha Ram said...

Lovely collection!

Vetrimagal said...

Liked the Variegated Rhoeo among the grass.
Very nice.

Hope I meant it correctly.