Friday, March 16, 2012

Hampi -- of trees, flowers and birds

Hampi is a spectacular place to visit, a veritable treasure for lovers of architecture and history. While I have tons of pictures of the architectural wonders of the place, here i'll share only the nature related ones.

Temple trees were of course, in plenty. This one was at the wonderful Vittala complex.

The landscape was rocky and arid, but that did not stop the locals from growing sugarcane. The resort we stayed at was set amidst sugarcane fields, lined with coconut trees and all enclosed by huge boulders. It was quite a site.

There were many banana plantations as well. One of the places we had dinner at , the Mango Tree , was in fact set within a banana plantation. 

The rest of the area was dry and arid. Cacti like succulent plants were everywhere. This is from the area leading up to the Vittala complex.

The lions ear (leonotis nepetiifolia) - common on roadsides and in degraded land.

and this is from near the Krishna temple.

And finally, this pretty little flower was everywhere..

 And this bird was around the pushkarni tank at the Vittala complex.


radha said...

Lovely pictures. I even like the stark tree in the first one!

Nic said...

Wonderful pictures! I absolutely love the gnarled tree that looks as if breaking through the pavement in the temple courtyard.

lotusleaf said...

Your pictures have a special beauty.I enjoyed looking through them.

Asha Ram said...

Beautiful! I love Hampi.

Here's my travelogue about Hampi -

(This page has links to other pages.)

Vetirmagal said...

Beautiful pictures, and new faces of Humpi.