Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memecylon umbellatum

These are the most beautiful flowers i have seen in a long time.. I am told that this is the memecylon umbellatum tree, common in TDEF (tropical dry evergreen forest) regions. Apparently in the Andaman islands. Do leave a comment if you have seen this tree someplace -- i would love to know! This one was at the Theosophical Society.

The entire tree appeared to be covered in a mauve/purple/blue haze, not unlike the blue/purple haze of the tree of life when it was in bloom. The ground below was seemingly covered with mauve/purple chalk powder - closer inspection showed that this was due to the fallen petals - such a treat for the eyes!


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful flowers, and I have never seen this tree before.

Anonymous said...

Hi..We have seen this flower in Nanmangalam,Chennai..They are really beautiful!!!!!

Deepak Balasubramanian said...

Hi.. i spotted these at Nanmangalam.. They were gorgeous.. i hav posted a snap of it in my blog ..