Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden lettuce - Pisonia alba

During this month's tree walk i learnt that the light green colored plant/tree i see around the city is the Garden Lettuce. I have seen morning walkers pluck leaves and take it away with them and for some reason assumed it was a digestive aid; but thanks to the walk i learnt that it is in fact used for rheumatism. The one in the picture here is a young plant. It is a fast grower and can grow to be pretty big.


Harold Stiver said...

An interesting post.

There is a lot of old knowledge on medicinal plant use ( and I suppose a lot misinformation)


Arati said...

Absolutely. Most of the medicinal uses that i post is based on ancient indian medicinal knowledge/ ayurveda. Its amazing how the leaves of almost every plant/tree was (and still is) used to cure some ailment or the other!