Thursday, July 19, 2012

Denali National Park: Crossing paths with the locals along the Savage River Trail

The savage river trail is a 2mile loop in Denali, with many many wildflowers along the way. We got to meet some of the 'locals' as well, wh0, as the park ranger pointed out, can be a lot more interesting than the big wildlife of Denali.

Which of these did we see? The dal sheep and the ptarmigan we chanced upon while taking the bus through Denali. The hoary marmot and the artic ground squirel were right there by our path along the savage river trail.

hoary marmot

The elegant orange wall lichen was growing in many places, slowly and quietly breaking down the rocks.

There were flowers eveywhere, so many different types, that they warrant a separate post.

moss campion


Pattu Raj said...

So many first time sights , for me. Never heard of red lichens.
Thanks for the nice photographs. The river, the hills and the scene reminds me of the Himalayan valleys.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Particularly the lichen.

Wish you a wonderful 2013!

Arati said...

thank you both for your comments,
happy new year to you too!

kanak- good to have you back :)

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