Thursday, July 19, 2012

Denali: Dramatic scenes and the big five

We were told that all visitors to Denali come to see 'the big 5' - the moose, caribou, bear, wolf and dall sheep. And of course they want to view the tallest peak, Denali a.k.a Mt. McKinley.

With our fingers crossed, we ventured into the Denali National Park in the 'Toklat' bus, a 6 hour roundtrip that gives some excellent viewing of the landscapes and, if you are lucky, the wildlife in the area.

caribou (the reindeer)
grizzly bear, thankfully at a distance!

nails all around to save the boards from the grizzly
Mt McKinley

dal sheep

We were a bit sad that we had not seen the moose, the quintessential Alaskan animal. But we were soon to get lucky - there it was, by the road to seward, holding up traffic!


Anonymous said...

The mountain views are fantastic! loved the sight of the moose sauntering down the road!!

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