Friday, July 6, 2012

Backyard critters - Sammamish WA

This last one was thankfully not in the backyard but by a neighbourhood pond. There were others as well of which i did not get too good captures - a rabbit and several deer.


College Gardener said...

I do not mind the snake so much - great shot by the way! - but the slug made me shudder. I am so glad we do not see much of those here in the Midwest or in New England because back in German during my childhood they were a real scourge that made growing many things flat out impossible.

Pattu Raj said...

One gets to see different varieties of insets, winged , and various creepy crawlies in neighbourhood gardens in US, due to abundance of greenery all around. In our cities, we do not, normally get to view these creatures , and their lifestyle.

Lovely pictures!

Rohrerbot said...

Very cool shots. Love them all The snake, while I'm not a big fan of them in person, is a sweet capture! Nicely done:)