Thursday, July 5, 2012

Western Redcedar

During my visit to the Pacific NW, I found the Western Redcedar to be the second most ubiquitous tree , after the Douglas Fir. In fact, early on , i found it hard to distinguish between the two - something that now seems unthinkable!

The western red cedar has a scale like trunk, it seems almost as if you could peel off long parallel strips off its trunk. The top is not as pointy as the douglas fir, and of course, the cones are vastly different. The branch lets are dropping and covered with overlapping scale like leaves.

The trees i saw seemed very tall, though they could not have been more than 80ft - half the height that they can attain.


Radha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me a prod to blog again. Will do. I have not been visiting some of the blogs too. Have been rather pre-occupied.
Love the cedar trees. They are just towering to the skies!

Arati said...

great! it is nice to have you back! :)