Saturday, April 9, 2011

November- Week in Chennai

I was able to spend a short week in Chennai over November. Though we did not stay at home, i got to visit the garden and see how all my mothers plants were doing.

This blog started out, among other reasons, to document the garden that my mother and I started developing in 2008. It is nice to see how the plants have grown over the years.

The bananas remain.

These appear to have sprung up from nowhere next to the caladium leaves.

The palms were tiny when we got them.

The crotons have grown taller and bushier as well.


This plant that was a gift from my grandmother has certainly grown. Thank you readers for identifying this to be a form of Dieffenbachia.

The champa has delighted us with her growth and flowers. The area around has become a bit wild with the money plant and the weeds in our long absence. Check out the picture from about two years back.

The pink oleander is blooming as always

This variety never flowered though.

The roses have climbed the walls.

These are more recent additions. 

This tropical beauty seems to have liked the rains.

 And finally, the fircracker plant (russelia equisetiformis) that i bought for my mother for diwali 2009.


Sally said...

The "gift from grandmother" looks like some kind of Dieffenbachia. Nice photos of the rest. Some of these are houseplants-only around here... Or summer outdoors.

eljay said...

I was going to say the same thing - your grandmother's gift is a dieffenbachia, which is a houseplant here. The bougainvillea looks lovely. Mine has remained in a pot for the last fifteen years, and gets cut down when it is brought inside every fall.

Arati said...

thank you both.
@eljay - this bougainvillea is in a pot!