Monday, April 18, 2011

An effort to free the trees in Bangalore

In the March 11 Times of India
Thursday turned out to be green-relief day for more than 400 trees on either side of Rajajinagar Main Road nailed with notices, advertisements and posters.
An awareness programme was organized by Public Vigilance Forum to remove nailing of papers, posters, flexes on road-side trees. Students from schools and colleges of Rajajinagar took part in pulling down the ads nailed to the trees, along with volunteers of the NGO. "Most of the ads were on availability of paying guest accommodation, hostels, computer training courses, etc. We removed everything stuck on the trees in a stretch of about 3 km from Rajajinagar 1st Block to Narang theatre," said N L Ravi Shankar, secretary of the forum. BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah and MLA N L Narendra Babu also took part on the awareness programme. The duo were found encouraging students to keep a watch on the trees.

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The Sage Butterfly said...

Poor trees. It is good that some got together and found a way to protect them.