Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec update from Chennai: Flourishing caladium leaves

Another one that has benefited from the recent rains in Chennai.. big ears caladium!

This fern appears to have liked the rains as well.


p3chandan said...

I love the palest of pink in your caladium, they look so delicate..mine is the tricolor type.

College Gardener said...

Very pretty! I did not have any luck with Caladiums when I tried them a few years ago but I think I should try again.

Arati said...

@p3.. think they are the same.. see my other post on caladium, same plant at a different time of the year.. perhaps the color changes with the level of sunlight?

@college gardener.. you simply must! they are a delight.

radha said...

I love these pale pink leaves.So beautifully designed.They add colour to the garden.