Thursday, July 2, 2009

White Bauhinia ?

I ran into this tree a long time back - i did not know then what it was, stored the pictures and forgot about them. But my recent posts on the purple bauhinia and the leaves of the snowy white dwarf bauhinia triggered my memory - did not the leaves of the mystery tree resemble the leaves of these two bauhinia's ? I took a look and yes! not just were the leaves very similar - horse hoof shaped, the flowers looked like a whitish version of the purple bauhinia with a few mauve streaks on the petals. A little bit of internet research left me convinced that it is definitely a Bauhinia or Orchid Tree, but i do not know how to make out if it is a Bauhinia purperea or bauhinia variegata. Do you know how to tell these two species apart? Is it just by the color of the flowers?
Can you tell from these pictures what this tree is for sure? *clicking on the pictures will give you a closer look*
Do let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Bauhinia purpurea
It is probably the only tree Bauhinia with so narrow petals. Flower
color varies from dark purple to almost white.
A close-up of the flowers would have made things more certain. The
flowers should have exactly 3 curved stamens and a style.
- Tabish