Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Burmese Cassia to wish LJ a speedy recovery

This tree was in full bloom when i came across it in the Theosophical Society in Chennai. The colorful bunches of flowers drew me closer and i was quite taken by their beauty. I am told that this is the Burmese Cassia (Cassia Renigera)
I wish i could send a few bunches of these pretty pinkish yellow flowers to wish a dear reader of mine - my aunt LJ, a speedy recovery after her surgery. She is many miles away, so i hope these pictures will work their charm instead.

The leaves are similar to other caesalpinieae :

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Lalitha said...

Thank you, dear Arati, for the beautiful flowers which I happened to see just now! I think they are lovely and hastened my recovery, even if I didn't see them two years back!