Friday, July 24, 2009

Coralwood (Adenanthera pavonina)

One of my oldest childhood memories is of tagging along while my family visited friends and spending the evening in their garden collecting the pretty little red seeds that were scattered in the mud. I have long wanted to know what the tree was called and imagine my delight when i came across this tree recently and learnt that it was called the Coral wood tree.. no surprises there i suppose. The seed is of an enchanting red color. The pods burst open and the seeds are scattered helter skelter by the wind. A recent wind storm and rain brought a bunch of seeds into our garden --i am yet to find out where the tree they came from is.
Anyway back to the tree i bumped into recently... here are pictures... the leaves are quite similar to those of the raintree, but the swollen pods and the red seeds lying all around were the give-away. I was glad to reconnect with this childhood friend of mine :) The coralwood tree is also called the red bead tree and is native to SE Asia.

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