Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Purple Bauhinia

i was driving by the streets of CIT colony when i saw this petite purple bauhinia in full bloom - what a beauty she was! i was quick to not let the opportunity go by - the other occassions when i've seen this tree species have not been conducive to taking pictures - so i got out on the street and snapped away.
Dont be fooled by the thick bark - that is the stump of an older tree that stands beside the bauhinia. Here is the real thing:

The first thing i noticed was that the leaves were just like those of the snowy white dwarf orchid! horse hoof shaped!

Look at the flowers - beautiful aren't they? Now, im not sure if this is the bauhinia purpurea or the bauhinia variegata - initially i thought it was the former because of the color, later i read that the latter comes in purple and in white and in purple-whites. The purpurea is supposed to have really thin petals though, so i think this is the variegata. But that's just my guess! If you can tell for sure, comment away!


Anonymous said...

the hand looks lovelier than the flower ;)

Arati said...

I knew you would think so, as it belongs to you, RC!!