Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palm Sunday

Taken at the Theosophical Society. Could this be the Trachycarpus fortunei or the Windmill Palm??


Anonymous said...

Most probably not windmill palm ... I have not seen it !!
... to me looks Borassus flabellifer ... commonly known as: African fan palm, borassus palm, doub palm, great fan palm, lontar palm, palmyra palm, ron palm, tala palm, tal-palm, toddy palm, wine palm • Bengali: তাল taala • Gujarati: તાડ taad • Hindi: ताड़ taada, ताल tala, त्रृणराज trinaraaj • Kannada: ಓಲೆಗರಿ olegari, ತಾಳೆಗರಿ taalegari, ತಾಟಿನಿಮ್ಗು taatinimgu • Konkani: इरोळ eroal • Malayalam: കരിമ്പന karimpana • Marathi: ताड taada • Sanskrit: तालः taalah • Tamil: தாலம் talam • Telugu: తాటి చెట్టు tatichettu • Urdu: تاڙ taad

Talam is the State Tree of Tamil Nadu


Arati said...

Dinesh, thanks -- based on your comment i did some research and it looks like this is the
Borassus aethiopum or the african fan palm.

Isnt the Borassus flabellifer the Asian fan palm -- the state tree of tamilnadu?

Dan Jaeger said...

Perhaps I can throw another into the melting pot. The plant looks similar to the Madagascan palm, Bismarkia that we have in our Botanic Garden in Adelaide, South Australia. I had hoped to see it when we went to the island but unfortunately it was not to be. It's interesting that there's a relative on the African mainland. One day Chennai.