Friday, June 12, 2009

The fragrant Gardenia

I was taking a walk after dinner and chanced upon this lovely flower - the gardenia. The 'gardenia' is the name of the genus and wiki tells me there are about 250 species!! That is a lot!!
The one commonly found in this part of the world is the Gardenia jasminoides or the Cape Jasmine. Now dont confuse this with the crepe jasmine.
The flowers are just exquisite! The petals have a creamy leathery feel to them and the flower has such a wonderful smell! The gardenias along with the night jasmines are my favorites as far as the fragrance goes... I also love the 'pointy' behaviour of the petals.. if a flower could be labeled Mannerist like the paintings of some centuries past, then that would be an appropriate label for the Gardenia. I especially love the way a petal or two of the gardenia is always all swirled up.. Look at the petal pointing to the SE in the picture here.. It's such a beauty!
And here is a picture of the leaves taken during the day-

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