Saturday, March 19, 2011


March is when I start keeping a lookout for the presence of buds on trees.. the first ones of spring. Gone are the winter bloomers - the bottlebrushes and the Millintonia Hortensis and the roses in the parks. Its time for the reds, the yellows and the pinks!

Sadly the start of the spring was marked by the fall of a neighbourhood tree, one i had blogged about previously. We could not sleep much the night of the 2nd of March, there was a strange wiring sound in the wee hours of the morning. I thought it was a bike (or several) starting up, but later realised it was the device that the corporation uses to chop branches.

This tree had fallen sometime in the night. By morning it was all chopped up, clearing way for the stream of traffic around the corner. It came as no wonder that the tree fell - one side of it had been done away completely earlier, to make way for the building. It is a wonder how it stood lopsided for so long. The same fate unfortunately awaits all of the trees in this stretch, whose branches are allowed to grow only on one side, upsetting their natural balance.

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radha said...

I hate it when they cut trees. They cut a number of them in the lane close to our home. It was a lovely avenue. Now we find cars parked there...!! Is that reason enough to fell such lovely old trees?