Saturday, March 19, 2011


While walking back  to the parking lot from the IISc run, I saw a humungous beehive! I did not have my camera with me though, hence could not capture the impressive lattice work. Imagine my delight, when the following sunday, while running at Cubbon park, i saw yet another beehive, quite like the first. Must be the season!

If you peer closely at the 'gaps' you can see the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb.

Here are a couple more from Lalbagh, taken today.


Bernie said...

They certainly are impressive structures ...amazing patterns on the outside!

radha said...

Beehives look menacing, but they are amazing constructions!
And how did you forget your camera on a visit to the IISc? I read that they have hundreds of trees in the campus!

Arati said...

it was a 10Km run/walk... the waterbottle was more useful than the camera :)