Monday, June 7, 2010

Wrightia tinctoria

It was at a walk by Nizhal that i first encountered the wrightia tinctoria (palai maram in tamil). It's distinguishing feature was the long cylindrical pods that appeared in pairs, joined (or seemingly so) at the ends.

This time i was lucky enough to see it in bloom, its pretty little white flowers all over the branches, truely resembling snow flakes from a distance.

The tree has many medicinal uses. Go check it out at Flowers of India.

Oh and turns out this one belongs to the same family as the oleander and the plumeria - Apocynaceae.


Sunita said...

What pretty little flowers! Are they fragrant?

Arati said...

i dont know, they were too far up to smell :)

Anonymous said...

how does its flowers look like?

muthu said...

hey anyone knows where the tree available in chennai, and can u tell me the full details

thanks dude

muthu said...

if anyone knows about the tree or if u find pls inform me or if u can mail me details pls