Monday, April 12, 2010

A visit to the aquarium in Bangalore

Did you know that there are fish that can climb trees? Yes, there are. Unfortunately i have not seen these climbing gourami, but i did see some of their cousins, the golden gourami at the aquarium a while back.

Apparently, gold is a popular colour for fish. We saw the vail tail gold and the parrot fish.

Lots of angels!

the taxido angel and the black angel also swam by

a couple were n't all that angelic to look at ....

No prizes for guessing which one is the long nose gara fish!

The sucker fish kept at its cleaning, quite assiduously..

The thilapias looked well fed..

as did the blue akara

there were some others with beautiful blue colouring..

the flower horn (left) and a fish whose name i forgot to note down, seemed rather shy

And finally, these little tiger loaches flitted past, refusing to keep still.


Arun said...

Nice shots and comments. I am surprised u remembered the names and what each one was doing.

Debosmita Roy said...

A very nice post with amazing pictures of Bangalore Aquarium. Bangalore aquarium is the 2nd largest aquarium in India and many species of fishes are on display. Its a amazing place to observe the water species.