Saturday, April 10, 2010

Images from the tree park

Almost every morning i walk towards the tree park in the neighbourhood -- a large park divided in two -- one side almost entirely covered with trees,  the other a well sculpted garden with the prettiest of flowers and bushes. A little earlier in the year, the roses where all in bloom, but alas, i did not have a functional camera then!
I walk around the park, as do many others from the neighbourhood and beyond, a km covered in every round. The squirrels, birds, dogs and insects do their morning rounds as well.

I love looking up as i walk around, and sometimes am rewarded by beautiful sights... blue jacarandas and many other mysterious flowers...

There is a play area for the kids amidst the trees.

There are epiphytes and lichens of many shapes and sizes..

Every day is a new day in the park, every moment truely enchanting!


Anonymous said...

These are great images. Thank you for sharing your love for trees.

Suzi Smith said...

I love those blue flowers.. thank you for sharing.

Arati said...

thanks for your comments! @suzi- did you see the picture of the entire tree -- its the blue jacaranda.