Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chennai's prolific bloomers - Delonix Regia

And another one that has to contend with the buildings for sunlight and space. The flamboyant Delonix Regia. It is ironic - the delonix regia is probably the most common and most admired tree in the city, yet is the one most likely to be a victim of mistaken identity - it is thought of to be the 'flame of the forest' by almost everyone. It is hard to get to know neighbours in a city, isnt it? Especially when they aren't from around here -- yes, the ubiquitous Gulmohar, as its common name goes, is from Madagascar!

Do you have an interesting story or picture to share about a city tree? Do let me know!

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Krukodhara said...

If you want some stories on the Gulmohar please visit the following link: