Sunday, April 17, 2016

What are these

While waiting in line for tickets to enter the white house gardens, I poked around in the soil around the visitor ellipse. It was really interesting to realise that the ground was strewn with these little "scraps of wood/ seeds" . They were everywhere yet barely noticeable unless one squatted down and really looked. They reminded me of peacock feathers - the exquisite shape with the tiny plume like "hairs" along the sides leading to the pointed tip and the little oval at the center.


Nic J said...

Definitely looks like a seed of some sort!

The Phytophactor said...

Seed? More like a 1-seeded fruit maybe an elm samara? Lesson: don't look down without looking up too. But with wind dispersal tree would not have to be directly overhead.

Arati said...

good lesson. I did look up but am not good at identifying the trees in this part of the world yet. should have taken a picture of the leaves to look up for an ID.