Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hiking along Difficult Run

We went on yet another hike this weekend with a local group to explore the trails of Northern Virginia and take in the beauty of spring. This time we met at historic Colvin Run Mill, a mill established in the late 18th century and walked the trail along Difficult Run - a tributary of the Potomac that flows from Fairfax county to Great Falls.

What was perhaps most enchanting to me about the mill were the bright red and pink azaleas just off the millers house and the blooming white dogwood around it. So idyllic, it reminded me of happy valley in Manderlay from the book Rebecca.
The trail was muddy and wet from the morning rains , the trees and undergrowth a beautiful spring green and wildflowers all along the way bobbing their heads heralding spring. We saw plenty of buttercups and quite a bit of ginger mustard. (some of which earlier hikers had uprooted and put on the path, knowing their invasive nature).
Annual Fleabane

There were a couple of stream crossings which were a delight to traverse, the clear water running under the rocks, the cool air and lush greenery all around.

I noticed many trees fallen, some right across the water, and much root exposure along the banks.
At the end of the trail we were hit by the captivating fragrance of a honeysuckle tree in full bloom.
In all it was a great 5.6mile hike - the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.


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