Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blast from the past - Spring in Portland

Though this blog started only in May 2007, my love for photographing trees and buildings goes back much further than that. I would print my pictures and make scrapbooks and spend many hours looking through them. It was hence not easy for me to move to a digital camera... I thought, quite naively, that it would be the end of my scrap book, as I would not bother printing pictures anymore. Little did I know of the wonderful world of blogs then! In this 'blast from the past' series, I'm going to attempt to post using some of my initial adventures using the digital camera. I seem to have more pictures of buildings than of the trees though, from those days.

Cherry blossoms along the Williamette's Tom McCall waterfront park. Not mine, credit goes to Wiki.

picture courtesy Wikipedia Commons


radha said...

The cherry blossoms look lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a sight!! So beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Cherry blossoms viewing is an awesome experience.

radha said...

They look so lovely. This is a site I have always wanted to experience. And hope it will be soon!

A. said...

thank you all for your comments!
radha, where are you going?