Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blast from the past - Tyron Creek State Park

Damp Oregon -- pictures from when i lived in Portland OR -- i loved the parks and trails that abound in the North Western states of Washington and Oregon. This is from one of my Sunday walking trips through Tyron Creek State Park, close to (or maybe even within) Portland city limits. The poor trees in this 670 acre park are almost always covered with moss -- such a contrast to most places in South India -- where the blistering rays of the sun dry up all the moisture leaving the trees, plants and soil always thirsty for more.

Another park that i loved in Portland was the Hoyt Arboretum. Located within city limits, the park is spread over 187 acres and is home to many species of trees and plants. There are many trails through the park, named after the tree/plant species that grow along the way. I have many happy memories of plodding through these trails on a Sunday morning.


radha said...

Was able to identify the plant by the roadside.. and left a comment there. I think you missed that. Do read the little write up in It is interesting.

Arati said...

thank you! yes i did. very interesting