Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chennai's prolific bloomers - Raintree and more

A drive to Shakambari (our neighbourhood nursery) and then through Gandhinagar last weekend provided a lot of photo opportunities of the trees that bloom at this time of the year and lend so much color to the city.
The raintree- which, in full bloom, is a really beautiful tree. It's flowers have a powderpuff like appearance, with silky strands that are white at the base and pink on top. The flowers warrant a closer look than is displayed here:

The Spathodia was also in full bloom - painting the city red with its pretty flowers:

Beautiful white bougainvilla hung from gates:

From 090315 Shakambari

There was also a profusion of yellow thanks to the candlebush and chestnut leaf trumpetbushes; light pink/white from the white trumpets, reds and oranges from the roadside bougainvillas and clouds of yellow from the copperpod. More pictures to come! Here's one of the entrance to an apartment complex strewn with white trumpets from the tree near the gate.

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