Friday, March 20, 2009

Horticultural Gardens and Cityscapes enroute

starting off with a picture of the adenium - the legendary desert rose

i wonder what these two are:

a patch of portulacas:

a shock of color amidst the green:

a beautiful purple trumpet:

This one has intrigued me for long - a creeper with little blue flowers. i wonder if it is the slender dwarf morning glory:

The real 'bird of paradise' - the flowers are barely visible though:

This tree had a hue of blue all over because of its little blue flowers. The leaves are tiny, dark green and shiny. The bark is like that of the eucalyptus. The ground all around was seemingly covered wiht blue chalk powder - petals of the flowers.

For cityscapes click here.

Update: The second picture has been identified as the scarlet flame bean, the third as the fish tail palm. The little blue flowers on the creeper is the skyblue clustervine and the tree in the last three pictures is the tree of life. Later posts will tell you more about all of these. Click on the labels!


Anonymous said...

The orange flower is a Scarlet Flame Bean or Brownea coccinea

recording nature said...

Do check out this site - you can search flowers by their colour. I spend hours trying to identify flowrs and trees.

Arati said...

@recordign nature - thanks i use flowersofindia a lot as well. its fun to try and identify isnt it?!