Saturday, June 1, 2013

Karanji Lake - Mysore


The Karanji lake was quite a delight to walk around. It was very well maintained and hosted many trees and plants along the pathway.

There was a 'bird exhibit' - a large area with a net that was quite high that housed many different types of peafowls. There were atleast 10 peacocks, many displaying their striking plumage. There were also some really elegant black swans.


We walked along the path and came to a viewing platform that gave a rather good view of the lake. It was interesting to just hang out there and gaze at the water surface, observing all the bird and fish activity.

There was an area devoted to flowering plants that would attract butterflies, and indeed we did see quite a few .. particularly the blue tiger, common Mormon and the striped tiger.


The water was full of hyacinths at a corner and we got to see the purple hyacinth flower.



College Gardener said...

Lovely. So lush!

Asha Ram said...


Pattu Raj said...

Lovely post!. Missed reading your posts for sometime now.
Thanks for sharing those photographs.