Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tamil New year at Chennai

This tamil new year we were at Chennai and on the spur of the moment one morning we took a walk to boat club road and kotturpuram. I thought it would be nice to head to the PWD park that Nizhal was helping build and maintain. We reached there after a good long walk through the shady roads of boat club, the hot and exposed kotturpuram bridge (past hoards of birds sitting along the weeds on the adyar river) and I was pleasantly surprised ot see all the changes - the entrance itself had been rebuilt and there were pathways laid inside, with lights to help late evening walkers. There was a volunteer from nizhal busily watering all the plants , with whom I struck up a conversation.

Coming home I looked back to my posts and realized it was a good two years since I had visiting the park.. the last was on a sunday evening around this time in 2011. How time flies.

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