Monday, February 25, 2013

Charming Mangalore

In February we visited the coastal town of Mangalore. There was so much to see, and we braved it through despite the heat and humidity. Perhaps all the ice cream helped.
First on was the Aloysius Chapel with its many baroque paintings 
Next on was a temple that we visited after lunch one day. The temple had many blocks of water reservoirs - the fish in them attracted cormorants.

The old colonial homes were charming to look at

We took a bus along the coast, passing by Mangalore port, to go to Penambur beach.

The beach was lovely, time flew as we sat and admired the many views.

The next morning was the mangalore marathon.. a fun event going through the streets of the city

As I ran through, I was delighted to see the building that housed the very first Canara bank -- now a museum.

After the marathon, we headed to the temple city of Udupi.

At the place we stayed we could see several cashew trees, native to this area.


The festivities started in the evening at the temple.. first on very the celebrations by the temple pond and then the procession along the street around the temple. It was full of pomp and gaity with many people out on the streets, partaking in pulling the chariot or walking and dancing along.



Next on we took a boat and headed to St. Mary's Island.


The two key unique aspects of the island were the rock formations all around and the beach which was full of sea shells - I dug my hand into the shell hoping to reach the sand below but never did.. so deep was the layer.



College Gardener said...

Lovely images - the island looks just picture-perfect! Also, congratulations on running the marathon!

Arati said...

thank you ! I did just the 10Km run