Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lalbagh flower show & this year's first flowers

The flower show to celebrate Republic day was on once again at Lalbagh, the center piece this time being a flower decorated Eiffel tower, along with the statue of a lady and of Vivekananda.

I did not visit, hence do not have pictures to share, but I do have some of the first flowers of the year from around me. Surprisingly the gulmohar tree in front of our building flowered in January - not a whole lot of flowers but a few here and there. It was rather surprising as the flowering usually begins only in April - has it been so much hotter?

 This is the one from the pot we have in our balcony.


Nature Rambles said...

Will you post the pictures later? Lalbagh pictures are always stunning!

Arati said...

no unfortunately i did not visit :(

congratulations flowers said...

I must visit next time.

khan mohammad said...

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