Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trees, plants and more :-)

Indeed the Senmozhi Poonga had it all.. Here is the 'kalyana murukku' - erythrina indica with its interesting bark.

Then there was the lac tree. It is not the tree itself that generates the lac, but an insect that is attracted to the tree.

I loved the patch of  jatropha duckfoot , it had butterflies flitting all over, just about as many as i saw in the butterfly garden in Bannerghatta.

Then there was the champa - plumeria/frangipani with its serene white flowers.

The lovely smelling lavender and the spectacular passionflower

This one i have not identified yet.


Anonymous said...

So informative , such new varieties!.
Loved the Jatropha duckfoot and passion flower.


Anita Kumar said...

Your pictures make me want to visit the park again. Maybe I'll go sometime this month. Didn't know about the lac tree. Interesting!

BarbaraE said...

The last pictures look like a Solanum (nightshade) of some kind. Just a guess from someone in Southern California.

I've been checking out blogs on gardening in India because my husband and I are going to be spending 6 months in India next winter (Dec - June). I will miss my own garden but can't wait to see some parks and gardens from such a different part of the world.