Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Asian open bill stork

The first bird we came across at the sanctuary was the Asian open bill stork. It has these really curious 'mandibles' that are arched and hence always looks open, even when closed! The legs were a beautiful pinkish red and the wings black and white. It was present in large numbers, according to Salim Ali's book it spends the summers in North India and the winters in the South and in Sri Lanka.

A rather curious pose, wonder what it was trying to do. Notice how the mandibles have a space between them.

The wings in all their glory.

And those colorful legs


Nature Rambles said...

Great captures! These are such beautiful birds. Loved seeing the details in your photos!

Debra @ Gardens Inspired said...

I enjoyed your beautiful photography and the storks themselves very much.


Anonymous said...

I saw the graceful, little miss dainty, and clicked on, but could find these biggies. All of them are photographed well. But Miss dainty is tops.

Arati said...

thank you all.
@gardenerat60 - the pictures of "miss dainty" are up now.